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"A friend told me about your cash for junk cars program so I decided to try you out. I'm very glad I did because I got paid a very fair amount for my car. I'm very satisfied with the service I received."

We have all been there. We get a new car and we just can’t seem to get rid of the other. Maybe it’s just ugly. Scratched up, a ton of rust; if it rains it might fall apart! Or, perhaps your vehicle has transmission or engine problems. It still runs, but who can afford those costly repairs? A worse scenario involves the auto not running at all. It has what it needs, but nothing will turn that engine over. Now it’s sitting in your driveway taking up that extra space, or perhaps it is killing the grass in your backyard. Whatever the case, you should know you are not stuck in that situation.

We’re here for you. There is no need to pay a tow-truck to get that thing off of your property. We enable you to actually put money into your pocket, not take it out. We offer to give you cash for cars you can’t get rid of, whether they run or not. It is especially difficult to get rid of those beaters that barely run or don’t run at all. We will even pay cash for junk cars! Not only do you not pay to get it to us, we will come and get it for you, within 24 hours, absolutely free of charge. With one phone call you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Visualize using the garage space for your new car. Better yet, how about those vegetables you have been wanting to plant? The best news is you are finally going to restore the curb-appeal your home once had.

Once you call, we will plan an appointment time that fits your schedule. Without even leaving the comfort of your home, we will come right to your place and purchase the car from you. After that, we hook it up and tow it off. It’s that simple. There is absolutely no charge for this service. It’s on us! To make it even easier on you we eliminate the burden you have in doing the paperwork on the transaction. We do everything. All you have to do is call. If you find yourself in the position mentioned above, remember there is a company that will take care of everything. Thoughts of planting flowers in the trunk can be forgotten; you can have your property and your life back. That’s why we are here!


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